MI4CS “Boots on the Ground” 2) Operation Name Recognition


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Wednesday, March 7, 2012 – MI4CS Update:

Operation Name Recognition
How do we help get Gary’s name into the general public?

Click this link and click on the stars to give Gary 5 stars! Let FreedomWorks know that you support Gary in the comments section! Check the box to have them endorse Gary. This is FREE!

First – get to know Gary’s experience and platform so that you can talk to people about what Gary stands for. Check out his website at http://garyglenn.us/. Tell your friends, neighbors, and family. This is FREE!
Check out what Stabenow has done to us at: http://www.michigan4conservativesenate.com/stabenow/ and know why she needs to be replaced by Gary Glenn.

Check out and share the letters to the editor that the writing team has started on. Share this link with friends and post to fb. If you are inspired to write your own (Publications contacts), share it with us and we’ll post it on the site (MI4CS Speaks Out – Our Voices)! This is FREE!


Reach hundreds of thousands of people at once – listen to Talk Radio (Find a Show) and when any topic comes up relating to the U.S. Senate (Budget, Senators, Stabenow/Levin, etc) CALL IN and engage in the discussion and work in why it means we need Gary Glenn in the U.S. Senate! This is FREE!
Signs, Flyers, Radio and News ads – many people have been talking about making flyers to pass out and signs to put in their pick up trucks or around their town. Make sure you check out your township ordinances and laws:-) Many patriots in your group will want to work as individuals. Here is some info off the FEC page that should be helpful! Many of us will learn a lot through this process, but that is a good thing:-)

Independent Expenditures

Independent expenditures provide yet another way to support Federal candidates. An independent expenditure is money spent for a communication that expressly advocates the election or defeat of a clearly identified Federal candidate. It is “independent” only if the individual making the expenditure does not coordinate or consult in any way with the candidate or campaign (or agent of the candidate or campaign) benefiting from the communication. Independent expenditures are not considered contributions and are unlimited. You may spend any amount on each communication as long as the expenditure is truly independent.

You may, for example, pay for an advertisement in a newspaper or on the radio urging the public to vote for the candidate you want elected. Or you may produce and distribute posters or yard signs telling people not to vote for a candidate you oppose.

When making an independent expenditure, you must include a notice stating that you have paid for the communication and that it is not authorized by any candidate’s committee. (“Paid for by John Doe and not authorized by any candidate’s committee.”) Additionally, once you spend more than $250 during a calendar year on independent expenditures with respect to a given election, you must file a report with the Federal Election Commission (either FEC Form 5 [PDF]), or a signed statement containing the same information).

Because this brief explanation does not cover all you need to know about independent expenditures, contact the Commission for more information.

For More information from the FEC click http://www.fec.gov/ For the citizens guide click here: http://www.fec.gov/pages/brochures/citizens.shtml. If you have further questions you can call the FEC at 202-694-1100.
God Bless you all!!

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