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Our Mission:

“To ensure the United States senatorial representation of Michigan reflects conservative values and strict adherence with the Constitution of the United States as worded and originally intended by the writers of this sacred document.”


The Beginning:

In the 2010 U.S. Senate election, Indiana TEA Parties split the vote between many great conservative candidates and the least favored candidate by the TEA parties won.  Many TEA Parties in Indiana were frustrated to work so hard and not see the fruit they had hoped for.  They decided for the next election to try and work together to coalesce behind one candidate instead of working against each other and splitting the vote.   Many TEA Parties in Michigan also recognize that working together for a national election could have a much stronger impact than working apart.  The MI4CS framework was designed to help TEA Parties in Michigan work together to unite behind a Constitutional Conservative candidate, chosen by the participating TEA Parties, instead of splitting the vote.

MI4CS began on November 12th in DeWitt, MI with a meeting of over 110 Michigan TEA Party leaders representing over 80% of TEA Party groups in Michigan meeting to consider working together to elect a conservative candidate to the United States Senate.  These leaders were also met by leaders from Indiana who traveled to DeWitt to share the Indiana Framework that Hoosier TEA Parties put together for the same mission under Hoosiers for a Conservative Senate.   http://hoosiersforconservativesenate.blogspot.com/

The Letter:


It was at this meeting that a 2′ x 3′ scroll letter was signed by over 100 leaders to be delivered to Senator Stabenow, letting her know that due to the progressive direction she is taking our state and country, we will not be supporting her in this election but uniting to elect a Constitutionally Conservative candidate instead.  This letter was delivered by the Lisa Miller with the Washington DC TEA Party along with FreedomWorks on behalf of,  and in support of the efforts of MI4CS.


The Effort:

At the Dewitt Meeting over 50 volunteers signed up to help with various teams within MI4CS including a research team, writing team, vetting team, and district communication representatives.   More have been added since then!

The Vetting:

TEA Parties of Michigan have done an excellent job of vetting these candidates.  There have been at least 3 debates and multiple forums put on by multiple TEA Party groups around the state, each with hundreds in attendance.  Groups have been hosting candidates at their meetings for their communities for months now.  ICaucus is a thorough vetting tool that many groups have used along with developing their own questions for the candidates.  Links of debates and forums have been shared amongst groups as well as posted on many websites.  MI4CS’s vetting team has also developed a questionaire to use as a vetting tool for groups as well.  In addition, MI4CS will hold a debate of the candidates for even further vetting.  This enormous amount of vetting demonstrates the credibility of MI4CS and of the grassroots individual TEA Parties of Michigan.

The Debate:

Many Tea Party groups around the state have hosted debates and forums to help their members vet the candidates.  The debates are a great vetting tool to see and hear the candidates personally answer questions related to the issues concerning our country today.  It also gives the viewer a chance to see the candidate conduct himself under pressure, think on his feet, and articulate his vision to an audience.  Some of the groups around the state, including in the U.P., have not been able to attend the previous debates.  In the spirit of continuing the debates as a vetting tool and also in an effort to give groups an opportunity to hear the candidates debate through skype and an online listen live link, MI4CS has invited all the U.S. Senate candidates to attend the MI4CS debate on January 14h at Central Michigan University.  Unfortunately, not all the candidates have decided to participate, however, we are still committed to giving TEA Party groups and the general public a great debate with those gentlemen running who accepted the invitation and are coveting the MI4CS endorsement.  The press release for the debate is below.  We are excited for this debate and hope that we are able to reach many members who may have not heard or seen a debate yet, to help them hear and vet the candidates:-)
For Immediate Release:
Michigan 4 Conservative Senate (MI4CS) will be holding a United States Senatorial Debate/Forum on Saturday, January 14th, 2012, from 1:00-3:00 p.m. The debate will be held at Park Library Auditorium on the campus of Central Michigan University and will be used as a vetting tool for the public as well as the TEA Party members participating with MI4CS.
Currently, MI4CS consists of 55 TEA Party groups from around the state of Michigan with an estimated membership of 13,000 people.  In an effort to promote vetting for the candidates, all eight active candidates were invited to participate.

Candidates confirmed to participate are:

  • Scotty Boman – Physics and Astronomy Instructor
  • Clark Durant – former Vice President of Hillsdale College and Founder of Imprimis
  • Gary Glenn – President of American Family Association and co-author of the Marriage Protection Amendment to the Michigan Constitution
  • Randy Hekman – former Prosecutor and Juvenile Court Judge
  • Chuck Marino – who established National Building Inspections and former Executive Manager of two international companies.
Candidate Peter Konetchy has declined to participate.
Candidates Pete Hoekstra and Rick Wilson did not respond.
This debate is an opportunity for the candidates to reach out to voters all around the state to prove why they are the best choice for U.S. Senate. The MI4CS debate is being hosted by the Campus Conservatives of Central Michigan University, a Registered Student Organization. It will be broadcast on the Patriot Voice Radio Network and streamed live.
The listen live link can be heard on WMKT 1270 AM/92.1 FM by going HERE


The general format for the debate will be:
  1. Candidates will rotate in who answers the questions first.
  2. Each candidate will get the same time allotments for answering the questions and opening and closing statements.
  3. Each candidate will  have some opportunity of rebuttal time.
  4. Each candidate will be allowed an opening and closing statement.

The Convention:

Currently in Michigan, the dates of the primary and general election favor the incumbent.  The August 7th primary leaves only a few months to gather a formidable campaign force to beat an incumbent such as Senator Stabenow who has over $5 million in campaign funding.  Therefore, in order to mount an effective campaign that would give the MI4CS endorsed candidate the best chance of success, the boots on the ground and support of the candidate would need to begin BEFORE the primary election.  TEA Parties participating in MI4CS were encouraged to give feedback on what date would give them time to thoroughly vet the candidates and also conduct polling of their groups.  After all the feedback available was considered, the best time for the convention for the majority of the groups was the end of February.  In an attempt to capitalize on the excitement and political focus of Michigan’s presidential primary, the date of February 25th was selected.  This date also gives MI4CS 3 months to help the endorsed candidate get the required signatures to be on the ballot, a little over 5 months to work to win the primary, and a little over 8 months to help bring the endorsed candidate across the finish line and into the United States Senate!


MI4CS is committed to establishing a fair and equitable process whereby YOU the TEA Party and Liberty groups in the state of Michigan can come together and select the candidate YOU want to stand behind in August of 2012.

Keeping this straw poll convention fair to both the Michigan TEA and Liberty Groups, as well as fair to the candidates running for the Senate seat, is our number one priority, so that YOUR choice to represent Michigan in the US Senate is made loud and clear and in a manner that no candidate can dispute was fair and accurate!
The date of the MI4CS straw poll convention will be February 25th.  Details to be announced as they are confirmed.
The Vote:
The straw poll vote was conducted at the convention to determine which candidate the TEA Party groups select to be supported and endorsed by MI4CS.  Unlike the normal top down approach by the current parties where the party establishments pick the party candidate who will get the funding and support of the party,  the MI4Cs candidate was selected by the grass roots groups and THEY tell MI4CS who THEY want to endorse.  It is a bottom up process instead of top down.
Each group was encouraged to thoroughly vet the candidates, and through the feedback of their members, rank the candidates or at least choose their top 3 to bring to the convention.  Based off of the Senate with 2 senators representing each state, each group chose 2 delegates to vote for those candidates in the straw poll at the convention.  With each of the votes taken, the candidate with the lowest votes was removed from the ballot for the next round of voting until only one candidate remained who was endorsed by MI4CS.  The winning candidate was Gary Glenn.  Through this process the integrity of the vote was maintained as there was no way for one group to get an upperhand over the other.  The delegates came from all around the state to cast their ballots in the straw poll with a wide representative sample of TEA parties around the state.  Two hundred leaders from 43 TEA Party groups from around the state participated in the straw poll with a few others supportive of Mi4CS but who were not able to participate in the vote.
The Boots:
Participating TEA Parties are encouraged to work together to support the endorsed candidate, giving our candidate the strength, momentum, and the boots on the ground that he needs to collect the necessary signatures, win the primary, and then win the general election.
The Victory:
TEA Party members celebrate their hard work and victory while at the same time holding the new senator accountable for votes and action taken while in office.
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