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Wednesday, August 8, 2012 – MI4CS Update – Stabenow must go:

See (MLive) story GOP Senate rivals call for Unity

Aug 082012

I’d like to thank all those who took part in the effort that began nearly a year ago to unite elect a constitutional conservative in the primary who could then go on to unseat Debbie Stabenow.   Although the candidates we had selected did not win, I believe this last year has been a huge success and victory for the TEA party movement in Michigan.  It has been a tremendous privilege and honer for me to get to know and work alongside of so many great patriots around our great state, and I look forward to working with you again on future endeavors.   Thank you for your patience and grace with me and others, as well as the time, money, and effort you have given towards this cause.

I thank God who has been my personal sustainer throughout this process.  It was through His calling that Hoosiers for Conservative Senate and Michigan 4 Conservative Senate ever got off the ground.  This has been an incredible spiritual journey for me and I have felt His guiding hand through this all.  He will never leave us or forsake us, as He cares about our nation and it’s people even more than we do.  He has given us a battle that we could take our first steps in, working together and learning along the way, for the even greater battles we face in the upcoming months.  I pray that as we move forward, we can remind Americans once again that “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord”, Psalm 33:12.

From the beginning and throughout the process, MI4CS had many obstacles and a very challenging road; but the TEA Parties of Michigan worked through those challenges and stuck it out to see it through.  Through those challenges, we have learned and have grown to be more prepared warriors for future battles, and there will be many of those.  I think of George Washington and how he must have felt losing battle after battle with men dying around him, yet pressing on because he knew the price of freedom was worth it.  The sacrifices we have given pales in comparison to the sacrifices of those given by our forefathers, and by our military today who fight for freedom on our behalf.  But we are learning to play our role in this historic battle for freedom and we must persevere to pass the torch onto the next generation.

Through this effort we have become stronger and more experienced patriots.  For the first time ever, many people have learned how to collect signatures, call voters to identify the vote, go door to door to talk with voters, make advocacy calls on behalf of a candidate, work together with other TEA Party groups around the state, work with other organizations nationwide, join a statewide conference call and webinar, organize local GOTV efforts, raise funds for a candidate, FEC laws, how and where to put up signs, poll watching, sign-waving at intersections, working fair booths and walking in parades on behalf of a candidate, vetting candidates, putting on debates, holding straw polls, etc.. 

It is my prayer that we can build on this experience and apply what we have learned through our local groups and when working together on various efforts.  There is still much to do and we have our battles ahead in November, however, I feel it is important before rushing in to reflect a moment as to where we are at and how to proceed.  To say it honestly and bluntly, I believe it is a sorry state of affairs when Republican voters, when given the choice, will select a candidate with a track record of spending billions of dollars on pork, who has voted to allow the federal government to bail out private sector industries, voted for incredible expansion of government through the medicaid part D, and voted to force local communities to unionize.  These are some fundamental issues that go against Constitutional governance and should concern all conservatives and not be swept under the rug so quickly and lightly.   We need to continue to hold elected officials as well as candidates in current elections to the bar of limited constitutional government, while doing what we can to educate the voters on these issues as well.

The task at hand and the elections coming our way may seem daunting to say the least, but we can look back and remember the founding of our exceptional nation, when the ragtag colonialist farmers and businessman took on the greatest power in the world for the sake of freedom.   May we not be so short sighted as to not be able to look past this current battle, but instead, may we be so inspired as our founders were,  to stay the course for freedom in our time, so that America can continue to be the beacon of light and the shining city on a hill that it was meant to be for world and for many future generations to come.

With Firm Reliance on Divine Providence,
Cindy Gamrat


MI4CS Press Release

July 20th, 20012
Plainwell, MI
MI4CS Supports Glenn’s Lead in Uniting Behind Clark Durant for U.S. Senate

Michigan For Conservative Senate (MI4CS), a groundbreaking coalition of a majority of Michigan’s TEA Party and Liberty groups from across the entire state, supports their endorsed candidate Gary Glenn in his decision to throw his support behind Clark Durant.

“Looking at the 2010 election and Pete Hoekstra’s moderate voting record with bailouts, debt ceiling increases, and forced unionization bills, many people recognize and believe that Pete Hoekstra is not the best candidate who can beat Debbie Stabenow.  Therefore, in the spirit of unity and in the passion to save our country from financial, social, and economic destruction; we decided to unite forces and join Gary by endorsing Clark Durant.” said Cindy Gamrat, founder of MI4CS.
MI4CS was formed during a meeting of TEA Party leaders representing over 50 groups from around the state in November 2011, with the sole intent of unseating radical leftwing incumbent Senator Debbie Stabenow who has a record of irresponsible fiscal and social policy.  The mission of MI4CS is to unite behind and help elect to the US Senate a candidate who will honor the Constitution and America’s founding principals. 
Although there could be only one winner of the MI4CS straw poll at the state convention in February, both Gary Glenn and Clark Durant stood out from the pack as candidates well liked by TEA Parties in Michigan.  After hearing the breaking news from Glenn, TEA Party leaders from MI4CS had an immediate conference call where the unanimous decision was made to support Clark Durant.
“While we are grateful to Gary Glenn for running a strong and issues-driven campaign, our ultimate goal to replace a radical Obama rubber stamp senator still remains our number 1 priority, said Tim Bos, founding member and Communications Rep for the Mi4CS 11th Congressional District. Therefore, we wholeheartedly support and concur with Gary Glenn’s endorsement of Clark Durant, and will immediately commit our significant and effective network of dedicated, concerned citizens to helping Clark Durant win the Republican Primary election for US Senate. He will be an excellent Michigan Senator dedicated to protecting and promoting the freedoms and ideals laid out in our Constitution by our Founding Fathers. Unlike the establishment choice from both parties, he opposes the status quo practice of spending trillions we don’t have on programs we don’t want or need.”   

“Senator Stabenow voted against English as our official language, voted for Obamacare, for Cash For Clunkers, for preventing the harvesting of American oil, for taxpayer-subsidized abortions, against the conscience clause, for stimulus bills and pork projects that have added unsustainable debt to our future generations, and has continually supported the EPA and it’s suffocating regulations that crush industry and cause energy prices to skyrocket for American families. She is rated as one of the most radical liberal senators in Washington, and Michigan has been left without a senator that will stand for the liberties and principles that our country was founded on and which make America exceptional, said Cindy Gamrat.  It has been a privilege to work with Gary whom I have come to know as a man of integrity, honesty, and faith.  I look forward to now working with Gary and Clark in this critical election.”

Through this endorsement, the MI4CS TEA Party effort stays consistent with it’s original intent; uniting grassroots conservatives to replace Senator Stabenow with a candidate who will stand for Constitutional Principles.  MI4CS invites Freedomworks and other conservative organizations to unite with them in this important cause of saving our country.  

Gary Glenn for U.S. Senate Press Release

Glenn withdraws from Senate race, endorses Clark Durant

TEA Party-backed candidate Gary Glenn: “Hoekstra can’t beat Debbie Stabenow”

MIDLAND, Mich. – Republican U.S. Senate candidate Gary Glenn late Thursday night announced that he is withdrawing from the August 7th Republican primary contest and endorsing Detroit charter school executive Clark Durant.

Glenn’s name will remain on the primary ballot, but he says he will spend the remaining weeks of the campaign urging his TEA Party-based grassroots organization to mobilize for Durant instead.

“To help save our country from the brink of bankruptcy, our highest priority must be defeating big-spending liberals like Debbie Stabenow,” Glenn said. “I’ve grown more convinced over the course of this campaign that because of the obvious vulnerability of his own big-bailout, big-debt, big-spending record, nine-term Congressman Pete Hoekstra can’t beat Stabenow.”

“Since Pete Hoekstra can’t beat Debbie Stabenow,” Glenn said, “my sense of duty requires me to step aside and assist the conservative candidate whose broad and growing range of support from all corners, financially and otherwise, makes him clearly more likely to defeat Congressman Hoekstra in August so we have a chance to defeat Sen. Stabenow in November. That’s clearly Clark Durant,” Glenn said.

“Clark Durant has a lifelong history of advancing the conservative, Constitutional, limited government principles on which our nation was founded, from Hillsdale College to the Reagan White House to helping empower and equip inner-city students at Cornerstone Schools in Detroit to chase their own piece of the American dream,” Glenn said.

Because of the relationships he has developed with Detroit pastors and parents over 20 years of administering Cornerstone Schools, Durant will win substantially more support in Detroit than would Hoekstra or any other typical GOP establishment candidate, Glenn said.

Durant’s ability to take voters out of Stabenow’s own base will be a key factor in his ability to win the November general election, Glenn said.

Hoekstra, on the other hand, is vulnerable — because of his voting record — to losing support to Stabenow even among otherwise traditionally Republican and even conservative voters, he said.

“Unthinkable as it is, one of the most liberal senators in America could actually outflank Pete Hoekstra on the right, threatening to win votes out of our own base on both high-profile spending and cultural issues,” Glenn said.

Glenn cited Hoekstra’s vote for the $850 billion Wall Street bailout, which Stabenow voted against.

“On the best known big-spending bailout vote of the last decade, one of the most liberal senators in America could legitimately run TV ads portraying herself as more conservative, more responsible with our tax dollars, than the Republican nominee, if that nominee is Pete Hoekstra,” Glenn said.

“If a liberal Democrat can take votes out of and prevent the Republican candidate from securing his own base, he cannot win,” Glenn said.

Glenn cited other elements of Hoekstra’s voting record he said will suppress essential support for Hoekstra’s candidacy among grassroots conservatives who do the work of persuading and turning out the vote on election day, specifically Hoekstra’s votes:

* For the $192 billion supplemental stimulus bill.

* For earmarks like the $223 million Bridge to Nowhere in Alaska.

* Five times to raise the federal debt ceiling, the last time to $11 trillion.

* For the Medicare prescription drug benefit, projected to leave a $15 trillion unfunded liability on future generations of American taxpayers.

Glenn also cited Hoekstra’s past campaign endorsements and funding by Jimmy Hoffa, Jr., and the Teamsters, Hoekstra’s past and current opposition to state and national Right to Work laws, depending on which office he was pursuing at the time.

He also cited Hoekstra’s joining Stabenow and then-Sen. Barack Obama in sponsoring a federal mandate that, had it passed, would have forced every state and local government in America to unionize its police, fire fighters, and paramedics.

That bill would have given government employee union officials even more political power and money, he said, “funneling tens if not hundreds of millions more dues dollars into the pockets of AFSCME, SEIU, and Teamster union officials.”

Michigan Truth Squad, a group of current and former journalists, vetted Glenn’s news release criticizing Hoekstra’s support for that bill and found it “entirely accurate.”
“That’s why Congressman Hoekstra is dodging debates, because he doesn’t want his big-bailout, big-debt, big-spending record further exposed,” Glenn said.  “I’m confident Clark and those supporting him have the resources necessary to make sure voters are informed even fi Hoekstra continues to refuse to debate.”

Glenn said major national conservative organizations and political leaders who have remained neutral in the race as long as he and Durant were both actively contesting for the GOP nomination will — now that they’ve joined forces — enter the race on Durant’s behalf.  He said those announcements will start next week.

In February, Glenn won the endorsement of Michigan 4 Conservative Senate, a statewide coalition of over 40 local TEA Party organizations that helped him gather more signatures than any other candidate on the nominating petitions required to appear on the August 7th ballot.

But Durant was the coalition’s second choice and won the support of several local TEA Party groups not affiliated with the statewide group, a fact Glenn said will make it easier to unify TEA Party activists statewide behind Durant’s candidacy.

# # #

See Clark Durant’s site:
Follow on Twitter – Gary Glenn: @GaryGlennUS - Clark Durant: @Clark_Durant



Fellow Michigan Patriots,

The clock is ticking fast!  Thank you for working hard to reach voters to let them know about Gary and our message to save our country!  Gary’s radio ad came out today statewide!  Thank you to all of you who have made donations to make it happen!!   You can listen to it here:

Post this PRO – TEA PARTY radio ad on your facebook today and email it to friends and family everywhere!!  Then, please donate to help keep the ad on the air.  Whatever you can do $25 – $100 or more, will help us to reach thousands of possible voters!! 

A lot is on the line for this election and for the TEA Party movement!  We need your help THIS WEEK in whatever way you are able, whether making phone calls, going door to door, or donating!  If you need lists of voters in your area, let me know and I will get you some.
Below is a great idea for a nearly free sign that will get read by tons of people!  ‎$3 Bottle of White Shoe Polish,…outline the letters then “dab” them in!!!  If we all do this, we’d have hundreds of signs driving all around the state!!

Together we finished strong in the petition drive, let’s pull out all stops and finish strong again, for the sake of our country and our freedom!  

With Firm Reliance on Divine Providence,
p.s. Check out this great endorsement of TEA Party 911  -

Gary Speaking at Filing Rally
Gary Speaking at Filing Rally

Gary Glenn (R-MI) – Officially files - May 15, 2012
(more photos / see: MI4CS UPDATES for more information.)
(Gary Glenn Official web-site / DONATE / VOLUNTEER / see his Decline is a Choice video)

Gary Glenn (R-MI) U.S. Senate GOP candidate
Gary Glenn (R-MI) – U.S. Senate candidate (GOP)
(Gary Glenn Official web-site / DONATE / see his Decline is a Choice video)

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February 25, 2012
(Plainwell, MI)

Gary Glenn wins MI4CS Straw Poll vote of 43 TEA Parties

Making history in Michigan, 43 TEA Parties from around the state convened to cast their vote in a straw poll to coalesce behind one U.S. Senate candidate.

With eight candidates on the initial ballot, in the first round five of the candidates were eliminated due to a tie with the lowest number of votes received. The three candidates moving forward to the second round were Clark Durant, Gary Glenn, and Pete Hoekstra. Pete Hoekstra lost in the second round of voting which brought the race down to a battle between Clark Durant and Gary Glenn.

see more Convention Photos

In the final round Gary Glenn won the overall endorsement of MI4CS to a roaring and applauding crowd of 200 TEA Party leaders and members from around the state.
After he was announced the winner, Glenn spoke to the audience and shared that the reason he is running for senate is his love of country and freedom instilled in him by his late father, a marine veteran who survived the attack on Pearl Harbor. Glenn has been a TEA Party member and speaker since the TEA Parties began in 2009. He is president of American Family Association and co-author of the Marriage Protection Amendment in Michigan. He has ben endorsed by Mike Huckabee and recently the National Right to Work.

TEA Party leader Katherine Herrington said about the event “Unity and teamwork for the cause of individual freedom, it doesn’t get better than that!”

During the meeting Greg Fettig from Hoosiers for Conservative Senate spoke on what the boots on the ground process looks like for a grassroots movement like this. He shared some of the hurdles that the Indiana TEA Parties have had to overcome to have the success of bringing an unknown candidate to neck and neck with an longterm incumbent.

Dean Elliot gave a stirring patriotic drama reminding the audience of the price our Founding Fathers paid for freedom and how we have that same duty to protect our liberties today.

Between speakers, TEA party leaders put a star labeled with their TEA Party group on a specially designed Michigan map which covered the state in white stars.

The next step will include gathering signatures to put Gary Glenn on the ballot.

One TEA Party member at the event stated “Don’t tell me why you can’t do it, tell me how you can!”



For more information call Cindy Gamrat at: 260-388-5147
or e-mail her at:


February 20, 2012
(Plainwell, MI)

More than 40 TEA Party / 9-12 / Patriot Groups from around the state of Michigan will be represented at the Michigan 4 Conservative Senate (MI4CS) Straw Poll Convention this Saturday, February 25th in Mt. Pleasant, MI..  Over 150 leaders, delegates, and members will be attending to take part in this historic event.

“We are changing the landscape of the way politics is done in this country.  It is a change that has been needed for a long time and it is great to be a part of it.  Americans are waking up and are not going to stand idly by anymore as our freedoms are stolen from us and our future generations.  MI4CS is one way of making an impact in who we send to Washington D.C..” stated Cindy Gamrat, MI4CS facilitator.

Bob Carr from the Oceana TEA Party is excited about MI4CS.  “I’m pumped about this effort of Michigan 4 Conservative Senate.  Finally a majority of TEA Parties in Michigan are living up to the American Great Seal, E pluribus unum  -  “Out of many, one”.  MI4CS is doing what others said can’t be done.  We do this with full understanding and reliance upon the Official Motto of the United States of America, “In God We Trust”.

Months of planning have led up to this extremely important event.  TEA Party members around the state have been meeting with the candidates, attending debates, and evaluating responses to vetting questions to learn as much as they can about all of the candidates.  They will be bringing their votes to the MI4CS convention to have their group’s voice heard in the straw poll.

The winning candidate of the straw poll will be endorsed by MI4CS.  Groups participating are encouraged to unite behind that candidate and give him the boots on the ground necessary to win the primary election in August and then the general election in November.

MI4CS is based off of a framework that was designed by Indiana TEA Parties after the election of 2010.  They are also currently using this framework to replace their Senator, Richard Lugar.

The convention will take place at beautiful Centennial Hall in Mt. Pleasant, MI.,, from 12:30 – 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 25, 2012.

To find out more visit

Pre-Registration and press passes are required for the event as well as press credentials for media.

For a press pass or further information, please contact Cindy Gamrat at or call 260-388-5147.

On January 14th, members and leaders from 24 different TEA Parties braved the weather and traveled from all around the state to attend the U.S. Senatorial
Debate at Central Michigan University.

Some planning on attending the debate were unable to due to bad weather and accidents. The debate was hosted by the Campus Conservatives of Central Michigan University, a student organization, with assistance from Michigan 4 Conservative Senate (MI4CS). There was standing room only as an audience of nearly 200 leaders and students listened to the 5 candidates make their case of why they should be the next U.S. Senator.

A member of the We the People of Mid-Michigan TEA Party said they were there to get a comparison of what each candidate thinks about the same question. Members of the Clare County TEA Party said they were there to vet the candidates for their group and for themselves. Candidates Scotty Boman, Clark Durant, Gary Glenn, Randy Hekman, and Chuck Marino fielded questions on various topics such as foreign policy, the Constitution, judicial activism, and personal philosophy. Moderators Ron Edwards from and Greg Marshall from Patriot Voice Radio delivered the questions that had been put together by the 17 member MI4CS vetting team, including “lightning round” questions where the candidates were instructed to answer only yes, no, or maybe.

In addition to the TEA Party groups represented at the debate, over 100 more watched the streaming broadcast live through u-stream on the plainwell patriots channel,, while others listened on the live audio stream. The candidates were spirited, yet gracious, and at times had the audience laughing at witty comments. Sondra Houlton from the Oscoda County TEA Party said the debate was “excellent”! She continued saying that “one of the candidates said the country was started by the founders with a great idea of liberty and they said “let’s try it and give it all we got” and it made me think of MI4CS and what we are trying to do here in order to win.”

Mark Petzold from the River City Patriots said “The debate today was filled with positives that will affect this election and the tea party movement as a whole.  The fact that this event happened on a college campus sponsored by college kids speaks volumes regarding the importance of these debates.  It is so important that people hear conservatives debate each other.  The knowledge learned through this debate will be used to draw a contrast with Stabenow and those who seek to take our liberties.”

The debate precedes a February 25th convention where over 50 TEA Parties are expected to take part in a straw poll. Through a series of votes, the top candidate selected by the groups will be endorsed by MI4CS. The endorsement is followed with “Boots on the Ground” from participating groups to help the winning candidate to victory in the primary and general elections for the next United States Senator of Michigan.


Who are we?

MI4CS is comprised of TEA Party patriots all across the state of Michigan, working together  “To ensure the United States senatorial representation of Michigan reflects conservative values and strict adherence with the Constitution of the United States; as worded and originally intended by the writers of this sacred document.”

Michigan Tea Parties send senator Debbie Stabenow an early, but well deserved pink slip notice!

On Wednesday, December 14th, Lisa Miller with the Washington DC TEA Party delivered an early pink slip to Michigan Senator Stabenow on behalf of TEA Parties all across Michigan.

FreedomWorks also accompanied the delivery of the 2 foot by 3 foot scroll which was signed by over 100 Michigan TEA Party leaders, stating:

“We feel those decades of being surrounded in the political culture and entanglements have distanced you from the daily lives of what it means to work and raise a family in Michigan….Therefore, with the rise of the conservative conscious in America, the emergence of the modern day TEA Party, and your own more social-liberal perception on issues, we find ourselves at odds….So it is with great respect that we convey to you that we cannot, and will not, support you in the November 2012 general election.”

About Stabenow

  • Senator Stabenow serves on the Budget Committee  - as of December 12th it had been 958 days, or nearly 3 years since our United States Senate had passed a budget.  This is irresponsible, especially in this economic climate of uncertainty.
  • Senator Stabenow also serves on the Finance Committee – the financial situation in our country is in shambles with inflation increasing everyday and the national debt passing an unprecedented and unsustainable $15 trillion that future generations will be saddled with.
  • Although Senator Stabenow’s website states that creating jobs in Michigan is her top priority, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the unemployment rate for Michigan was at a historical low of 3.3% in March 2000, just before she was sworn in as U.S. Senator and as of October 2011, the unemployment rate in Michigan is now an unacceptable 10.6%.
MI4CS Letter to Senator StabenowTEA Party leaders from all around the state of Michigan met in Dewitt, MI on November 12th to discuss a plan for working together to elect a Constitutional Conservative to the United States Senate under the name Michigan 4 Conservative Senate (MI4CS).  Since then MI4CS has been very active in moving forward toward this end having scheduled a debate with the candidates on January 14th, as well as a straw poll convention on February 25th.

Sister States Unite to Elect A Conservative Senator

DeWitt, Michigan (November 12, 2011) -  Leaders  from Hoosiers for Conservative Senate (HFCS)  joined a group of state wide Tea Party Leaders representing over 85% of the state of Michigan to share the “Indiana Framework”  in assisting  them in  their effort of replacing liberal Debbie Stabenow with a conservative Senator. Greg Fettig and Monica Boyer spoke to the group, shared Indiana’s story, and answered questions on how to unify the Tea party under one cause.

Monica Boyer, Co-Founder of HFCS stated, “Today was a historic day for the TEA Party in general.   We were amazed to see the room filled with groups from all over the state of Michigan. Our message to them was that in order to accomplish what they intend to do in following Indiana’s framework; they must decide to link arms and walk out that day in unity no matter the cost or what trials lie ahead for them.  Without Unity, they might as well just end it now, and go home”.  The message was received with open arms and a comfort in knowing Indiana’s groups face the same issues.   Never in my life, have I seen such a desire to work together.  It was a humbling process, and an honor to be a part of the day and see it happen right before our very eyes.” Boyer said

Greg Fettig, Co-founder of HFCS also stated, ” We have an obligation and duty to help any fellow patriot reclaim their state, as we are and remain united as one people, regardless of any geo-political boundary. It is our hope that the experience that we shared with the Michigan grass roots movement will be of value to them in their quest of turning the fortunes of their state around.  The strength of the Tea Party resides in a unified, cooperative effort of working toward a common goal.  We serve notice to both political parties that we never again will be complacent, silent or apathetic, as the state of our country  today is a direct result of our, as a people, trusting our politicians to do the right thing.  Never again…”

The two groups intend to work closely in their states to replace the their respective Senators with true conservatives.  The two groups are at different stages in the process, but they have a committed and dedicated team that is ready to do what is necessary  to achieve success.  The Indiana groups have just launched their “Get out the Vote campaign” and are amassing unprecedented numbers of volunteers in a grass roots campaign along with Freedom Works, in support of their candidate, Richard Mourdock.   Michigan 4 Conservative Senate will begin the process of selecting their candidate in a runoff style format.   “Both states have a long road ahead, but our determined to outwork both of these entrenched, career politicians, and  are convinced that their work will reap rewards in their primary as well as the general election in November 2012.

Michigan 4 Conservative Senate can be contacted at

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